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Beyonce - "Single Ladies"

On "Single Ladies," Be reminds all the women out there that if their man hasn't made a serious commitment to the relationship, then he can't get mad if she wants to do her own thing: "If you liked it, then you shoulda put a ring on it," she sings. This is one of those songs that women wind up loving, but might make a lot of guys squirm. To play it, click on this link. "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" audio (Windows Media)

Album Review: Dwele - Sketches of a Man

Unlike either of Dwele's previous two albums, Sketches of a Man has more than just a couple of songs that are potential hits. The track people are most familiar with right now is the clever first single, "I'm Cheatin,' " in which he sings about having a socially conservative woman who's got an entirely different side to her personality - so much so that when he's with her wilder side, it's like he's cheating. o play it, click on this link. "Im Cheating"

Devin the Dude- "Landing Gear"

Landing Gear is Devin's first album since leaving Rap-A-Lot Records earlier this year and his fifth solo effort in 10 years. His last LP, Waiting to Inhale, was widely praised for its lung-cracking stories and witty anecdotes. In true Dude fashion, there's plenty of odes to blunts, booze, and boobs on Landing Gear. Guests include: Snoop Dogg and the Odd Squad. To play it, click on this link. "Don't Chase-em featuring Snoop Dog"